Chris Semick, Co-Founder

Chris Semick took an unconventional journey into the strength and conditioning industry. Growing up in a small beach town, he spent his formative years skateboarding and immersing himself in music and art.

Chris's path led him to Temple University, where he pursued a track in exercise science. Throughout his 12-year career, Chris has been mentored by some of the industry's most influential figures. This invaluable experience has honed his skills and expanded his knowledge, enabling him to become a well-rounded and respected strength coach. 

Chris's clientele has been diverse as it gets, having worked with individuals ranging from NFL athletes to those embarking on their first fitness journey. Chris's ability to tailor training programs to suit individual needs and goals has earned him a reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Outside of his coaching endeavors, Chris finds joy in being a devoted father and husband. Chris cherishes the precious moments spent with his family and prioritizes his role as a parent.

Chris also enjoys reading, eating pizza, and training Muay Thai.



Caolan Burke-Prior, Head Strength Coach at Northern Liberties 

Caolan got his first exposure to training through martial arts growing up and fell in love with the feeling of pushing himself as well as the positive impact it had in all aspects of his life.  He discovered strength training as a teenager and shortly thereafter discovered his love for teaching and helping others grow and break through perceived barriers.  This led him to pursue his bachelor’s in kinesiology at Temple University.  Through an internship here he met Chris and Jaclyn, instantly resonated with the Warhorse training philosophy and became a coach shortly thereafter.  Simultaneously during this time point he served as the president of the Temple Powerlifting Club for two years and led the club to massive growth and members to national stages.  Caolan takes a holistic approach to training, combing sharp technical coaching and programming with adaptability and a client centered coaching style.  In his free time he competes in powerlifting himself and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Jane as well as his cat Theo.


Dr. Joel Gyimesi

Dr. Gyimesi has been a practicing Sports Chiropractor in the Philadelphia and Main Line region for over 10 years. He is dedicated to providing a high quality experience where client care is first. This is done by arming the clients with the tools they need to obtain their goals through education, empowerment, and accountability.