At Warhorse, our program is designed for all walks of life. From the first time gym goer to the seasoned educated meathead. From the busy mother or father looking to reclaim their fitness. No matter your level of fitness or training goal, we welcome you with excitement. 

Whether your goal is to improve athleticism, improve body composition (fat loss/muscle gain), compete in your first powerlifting meet, or you know, make daily life tasks a hell of a lot easier, we walk hand in hand with you to ensure your success.



In person training is our premium option delivering
individualized programming in a small group setting.
Whether you’re looking to set a new PR, supplement your
healthy lifestyle, or strategically train around a nagging injury—
our experienced coaching staff will guide you through your
personalized training experience. 

Industry Leading Tech

Your programs will be delivered directly to your smart phone via the TrainHeroic application. You have the ability to take your workouts everywhere with you, and receive feedback that will fuel your fire. 


Over the past five years we've created a community like none other. By joining WHBC you have not only our coaching staff in your corner but you’ll stay motivated and inspired by a community that wants to see you succeed. Together, we will live better.



We Coach, You Train.

At Warhorse, our world-class programming is athletically driven and challenging yet suitable for all training levels and training goals. At WHBC we provide structure, coaching, and a collective energy found no place else.

Training, Nutrition and Mindset 

Alongside your training, we provide weekly training insights on nutrition coaching and mindset practices to help keep you accountable and achieve your goals.

Casey Stanton

I love this gym so much. My wife and I have been going three times a week and we feel so welcomed. We’ve been out of the gym for a year and recently moved to the city. Our first order of business was to find a great gym and we accomplished that in spades! Jaclyn and Chris are fun, friendly, helpful, and are ON IT when it comes to coaching my movements. We can get in and out in an hour, which allows me to get to my desk in time for the work day. Bike parking out front is solid. There’s a water drum for refilling bottles. The equipment is solid. We just signed a 12-month contract!

Your membership includes the following.

  • A complete movement assessment.

  • Individualized training programs updated based on your goals, training history, training level, and lifestyle. 

  • On the floor technical feedback, coaching and program guidance.

  • A mobile and desktop app to easily view and track your workouts from anywhere.

  • Exercise video tutorials.

  • Education and exclusive content  available only to WHBC members.

  • Access to our private Facebook community.

  • Monthly completed program, goal, and nutrition check-ins via zoom. 

Matt Contipodero

I absolutely loved the programming and coaching I received during my time at Warhorse. I went to the gym 5 days a week, Monday through Friday and NOT ONCE did my body every hurt (minus muscle soreness) nor did I ever suffer an injury. If you’re looking for a gym that focuses on strength, personal development, and community, this is the place to be. If I hadn’t moved out of the city, I’d be a member for life.


Let’s F*cking Do This!

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