You want to get strong and look and feel your best. You want to improve your health, fitness, and athleticism. You want to train hard and effectively all while avoiding aches and pains. But you don’t know where or how to start.  

At Warhorse, our world-class programming is athletically driven, challenging while suitable for all training levels and training goals. We provide structure, coaching, and collective energy found no place else. 


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What we offer - We coach you train. 

We specialize in delivering athletically driven training in a small team setting. Whether you’re looking to set a new PR, supplement your healthy lifestyle, deadlift 2x your bodyweight, or strategically train around a nagging injury—our experienced coaching staff will guide you through your personalized training experience. 

Each program is completely individualized, based upon your training background, goals, injury history, etc. Our programs are constructed of engaging formats that will keep you motivated and keep you working harder and smarter than ever.

What to expect.

What to expect. 

Our programming combines movement prep, strength work, circuit training, and conditioning - intelligently combined to keep you training hard and injury-free.

You're able to schedule your training sessions at times convenient to you via our member app. And each time you come in, you can expect our coaches to help you through your unique program in a small team environment. 

What's included.

  • An individualized strength training program built around your needs and lifestyle. 
  • 45-60 minute training sessions consisting of movement prep, strength work, and conditioning.
  • Individual nutritional guidance *Optional 
  • Individual habit/mindset guidance  *Optional 
  • CPQ - Completed Program Questionnaire. This is completed every 12-weeks and it helps us identify how we can further help you reach your training goals and better tailor future training programs to your individual needs. 
How to get started.

How to get started. 

It's simple! First, you'll need to schedule a 30-minute strategy session. During this 30 minute session, you'll be asked to fill out a few forms which provide us with more background information regarding your health, training history, injury history, and goals.

You will then sit down and have a more in-depth conversation with one of our coaches regarding your training and how we can best help you, followed by a brief movement screen. 

This is required in order to begin training at Warhorse and is totally free. To schedule your session, please fill out the form below.

Alright, let's get started.


Our brand of fitness and the lifestyle we promote is one that strives for longevity. Our number one objective is to prepare you today so that you can participate in the things you love tomorrow. Let's get after it. 

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Monica Schroeder

I have absolutely loved being a member at Warhorse. Every time I’ve walked into the gym, I’m guaranteed two things:
1) I’m going to be challenged and
2) I’ll learn something new.
I’ve been a member of several gyms over the years, and the attention to form at Warhorse is unparalleled. Not only have I not had a single injury the entire time I’ve been a member, but adjustments to my form have reduced existing muscle strain while I’ve continued to progress in my lifts. As I’m leaving Philly, Warhorse will be one of the places I miss most because of the community and constant motivation that the entire team provides. Thanks to the Warhorse team, it’s been so fun and I’m astounded at how much stronger I’ve become.
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Jon Polidoro

Expertise programming, comradery among peers, and a welcoming atmosphere. Warhorse has perfected this formula which is why I - and many others - keep coming back. Chris, Jaclyn, and the staff at War Horse have truly separated themselves from the mundane, uneducated, apathetic representation of what most "commercial gyms" have suddenly become. They take the time to work with each individual to provide appropriate programming in a motivating environment. Whether you're looking to drop a couple pounds or deadlift 2x your bodyweight (or 2.5x, thanks Chris!), War Horse is absolutely the place to check out if you're in the Philly area.

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Sarah Weigand

I joined Warhorse with my boyfriend in September during COVID as a way to get out of the house. The two of us had never belonged to a gym and never worked out regularly outside of high school sports. I was often intimated by gym culture and had a hard time committing to a workout routine. After my first session with the owner, Chris, all of my preconceived notions were squashed.

My boyfriend and I were welcomed the moment we walked into the gym and we quickly found our place as part of the Warhorse community. The strength training program provided a platform for growth and flexibility that helped me to develop a routine that worked with my schedule. Warhorse is the gym for people of all strength levels who are looking to prioritize their health. Working out is now a priority of mine, and that is 100% due to the trainers and community at Warhorse. I cannot say enough good things about this gym and the people who work here. if you are looking for a place to get started or improve, Warhorse is the place for you. I have since left Philadelphia, and Warhorse is the thing I will miss the most.
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Sarah Wedge 

There are almost no words to describe the positive impact this place and it’s people have had on my life. With minimal strength training experience, I came in for my evaluation and first class feeling very intimidated and not up to the challenge of a barbell club. I could never have imagined the welcoming atmosphere and companionship I would build there. I’m now stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been, and I’m still progressing. Owners Jaclyn and Chris are overall amazing humans: down to earth, friendly, and knowledgeable. I could never have gotten to the place that I am in my journey without the unwavering support, encouragement, and overall great coaching of Chris, Jaclyn, and the rest of the crew.

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Hugh Henry 

Warhorse Barbell Club is unquestionably the top training establishment in the greater Philadelphia region. The facility is top-notch, kept very clean, there are a plethora of fitness options to choose from and Warhorse has an abundance of up-to-date, modern training equipment which is essential to the development of its members.

The one factor that separates Warhorse from the big box, cookie-cutter fad fitness gyms is a strong sense of COMMUNITY. Every member that walks through the door is treated like family by co-owners Jaclyn and Chris. Every member that is a part of the Warhorse community is respectful and welcoming no matter your race, gender, age, sexual orientation etc... I can’t say that for other gyms in the area. And every member that trains at the Warhorse works hard every day - be prepared to bring the noise during every training session.


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