FIREBREATHER is our premium training option delivering individualized programming in a small group setting. Whether you’re looking to set a new personal record, supplement your healthy lifestyle, or strategically train around a nagging injury – our experienced coaching staff will guide you through your personalized training experience. WARHORSE is the only facility in Philadelphia to offer 100% individualized training.

We offer individualized training because the reality is that most gyms just leave you to your own devices when it comes to putting together your training plan. This can lead to uncertainty, frustration, lack of progress and unfortunately even injury.

At Warhorse we remove the guess-work and set you on a path that leads to success. With our FIREBREATHER membership, you will receive a completely individualized training program. Every 4-6 weeks your program designer will write you a new program so that you continue to progress and avoid hitting plateaus or getting bored.


After many years of one-on-one personal training, it became clear that it was unnecessary for the trainer to be constantly hovering over the client and counting their reps for them. We also realized that this one-on-one setting was not conducive to creating autonomy for our members. At Warhorse one of our top priorities is to empower you to feel confident and comfortable in the gym. We realized that a semi-private model was the perfect way to give you more freedom and autonomy, while also providing the coaching and attention that you need when learning a new movement. We keep each session at a 2:7 coach to client ratio to ensure you’re getting the attention and coaching you deserve. You’ll follow your own individual workout while our coaches oversee the session and make sure that everyone knows how to perform their exercises properly, how to adjust the equipment, how to progress from week to week, etc. Not only that but working out alongside your peers is always a lot more fun and enjoyable than doing it alone.


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