This was the first time I 100% committed to a strength or fitness program because it was the first time I saw and felt results physically and mentally. I personally became hooked on seeing what my body could do in the gym, so I decided to begin training as a powerlifter. Now with the goal of competing in a few months, I’m quickly achieving goals and a level of confidence I never dreamt of a year ago. This couldn’t have happened at any other facility, under any other instruction. Chris and Jaclyn are true superheroes

Molly Harleman

The purpose of Intro to Strength is to bring you into our gym with confidence.

No matter your training background or experience level, anyone looking to join Warhorse goes through this 4 week program. Our main priority is ensuring that you get the best experience at our facility and starting with our Intro to Strength program allows us to do that. 

So, what can you expect?

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will have the opportunity to train alongside fellow members during a Semi Private session as our coaches guide you through an individualized program.  We’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure that every exercise is performed properly and that you’re progressing accordingly. 

There is a possibility to fast track you into the Ignite program if that’s something that’s of interest to you and we think it would be a good fit, otherwise, these initial 12 sessions are a great opportunity for you to get the full Warhorse experience before making any membership decisions.

After completing the 4-week program, you’ll then have the opportunity to either continue in our Semi Private program or join our large group training program, Ignite. 

We promise to provide you with a strong technical base in strength training. All done in a non-intimidating atmosphere and yes, you will still train hard during these 12 sessions. 

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