It's a great gym and the programming is intelligent, effective and well-planned. It pushes you without relying on brute force or gimmicky/overly intense workouts. Everything feels sustainable and part of a long term plan to stay fit for life. Most importantly, you can tell they all love what they do and have cultivated an incredible community. I'm a Warhorse fan for life.

Ryan Wertman

IGNITE is our tried-and-tested flagship strength training program. Our Ignite program is designed to build strength, improve body composition and athleticism. Ignite will build endurance, improve self-confidence, and leave a lasting impression well beyond our four walls. All you need to do is show up and put in the work.


Ignite is a program that is appropriate for all training levels. As coaches, we take great pride in having the ability to modify whatever is necessary for your success and it is our mission to ensure that everyone is 100% confident and in control. Our goal is to help you arrive at a place of personal power.


During an IGNITE training session, you will not only train hard, but you will train fast, and most importantly you will train effectively – all accomplished in a safe, encouraging and nonintimidating environment.


Community and support are key elements to ensure your success along the way. That is why we are here!

Now, why on earth should you INVEST your time and hard-earned money in our program?

We coach you train: No more guesswork. We’ve created a program that has been proven effective. We will guide you every single step of the way.

You will get strong: The benefits of being strong are well known – but here are just a few. Build a more resilient body, boost self-esteem, protect the heart and increase your metabolism. Not to mention, you will notice that everyday tasks will become a lot easier.

Confidence: You’ll exceed your expectations when it comes to your physical abilities. Whether it’s doing your first pull up or deadlifting 2x your body weight, you will break through the barriers of what you believe are your physical limitations… And taking off your shirt at the beach won’t suck anymore.

Community: We have an amazing community of dedicated members and NOTHING is more powerful when trying to make a change than surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

 Improved mobility: We teach you to move correctly and confidently.

State of Mind: As you begin to notice the positive physical changes in your body and develop a regular exercise routine, your ability to effectively handle stress will improve. Weight training allows you to sleep better, i.e. fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper. Clinical studies have shown regular exercise to be one of the three best tools for effective stress management. Pretty amazing right?

You deserve all of this and more, but it must be earned. To get started, simply fill out the application below!

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