Ain't Nothing Wrong W/ Being Strong on One Leg

warhorse barbell club May 23, 2020

At Warhorse Barbell, we are STRONG advocates of unilateral training. Having the ability to own certain positions and build unilateral strength is an absolute must for staying power in the strength game. ⁣

Seeing as much of life and sport beyond powerlifting occurs unilaterally neglecting unilateral work is straight-up negligent.⁣
Single arm/leg training does not have to be boring. At WHBC, this kind of training is a primary piece to our programming despite your training goals.⁣

In today's video, we are sharing a little sample of our High-Performance Body Composition program. This EMOM circuit (every minute on the minute) is to be completed at the end of a squat day. ⁣


B1: Single-Leg RDL x6-8 each side ⁣
B2: 1/2 Kneeling Dumbbell Shoulder Press x6-8 each side ⁣
B3: Two Dumbbell Farmers Carry x40 yards (not shown in post) ⁣


50% Complete

Two Step

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