WHBC Online Team Training Has Arrived

This comprehensive General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program covers all the bases, focusing on a well-rounded approach that includes low-intensity conditioning, high-intensity anaerobic workouts, metcons, strength work, explosive power training, plyometrics, hypertrophy, and mobility work.


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A Simple, User Friendly Experience 

Our program is delivered via a mobile app, allowing you to view high-definition video demonstrations, comprehensive descriptions, and monitor your week-to-week progress.

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Programming Engineered to Transform YOU

This program is perfect for anyone looking to reclaim their athleticism and dominate their field of sport while enhancing their body composition. Train hard, train fast, but most importantly, train effectively.

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Guidance From Professional Coaches

Ask questions or post form-check videos and get detailed coaching responses from some of the best coaches in the industry.

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Make more progress in the gym 

Follow a structured training plan, receive detailed video instructions, and easily track your progress. Submit videos for form checks, all while having direct communication with the coaches who write the program. It's like carrying a strength coach around in your pocket. 

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IGNITE - General Physical Preparedness  Program

Whether your sights are set on dominating race day, the field, or just conquering daily life, this program is your unwavering companion. Are you prepared to strengthen your body, enhance endurance, and take your performance to new heights?

With Ignite, you'll experience a transformation into a more resilient, powerful human. Expect rigorous training that's both fast-paced and effective. This program leaves no stone unturned, addressing low-intensity aerobic conditioning, high-intensity anaerobic workouts, metcons, maximal strength work, explosive power, plyometrics, hypertrophy, and mobility. All intelligently structured to keep you feeling good and training hard.

On this program you can expect 4 full body training days and one optional cardiac output day.  


For just $30.00/ month you will receive weekly programming that provides:

  1. HD Video demonstrations of every movement programmed. 
  2. Detailed written descriptions. 
  3. Details on how much weight to use and how to progress from week to week. 
  4. Modifications for every single movement.

Required equipment: Barbell & bumper Plates, DBs and KBs, adjustable bench, plyo box, open space (for metcons), stationary bike, pull-up bar. Cable machines are not required but are certainly a nice to have. 

How much experience do I need? This program is for those who already have some previous experience working with dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells.

Lets get to work.

About the creator

Chris Semick took an unconventional journey into the strength and conditioning industry. Growing up in a small beach town, he spent his formative years skateboarding and immersing himself in music and art.

Chris's path led him to Temple University, where he pursued a track in exercise science. Throughout his 12-year career, Chris has been mentored by some of the industry's most influential figures. This invaluable experience has honed his skills and expanded his knowledge, enabling him to become a well-rounded and respected strength coach. 

Chris's clientele has been diverse as it gets, having worked with individuals ranging from NFL athletes to those embarking on their first fitness journey. Chris's ability to tailor training programs to suit individual needs and goals has earned him a reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Outside of his coaching endeavors, Chris finds joy in being a devoted father and husband. Chris cherishes the precious moments spent with his family and prioritizes his role as a parent.

Chris also enjoys reading, eating pizza, training Muay Thai, and is currently training for his first Ironman.