At Warhorse we are deeply anchored in our community and growing stronger every day. Our brand of fitness and the lifestyle we promote is one that strives for longevity. Our number one objective is to prepare you today so that you can participate in the things you love tomorrow.

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. Because in our society one size most definitely does not fit all. Our members arrive to us from many different starting points. Different goals, training ages, needs, and objectives. We make sure that each time a trainee steps into our facility, that we do nothing but set them up for long term sustained success. 


Let's Grow Together

We train with a purpose. 
Each and every workout has a unique purpose and an intended stimulus. At WHBC our coaches control the intensity, load, exercise selection, and other important variables to ensure success and safety. Everything you perform during our programs has a why. We waste NO time. 

Respect the process.
We stay true to a tried and tested skill progression that allows anyone to safely navigate and perform our training programs. This system ensures everything we do is done with a purpose and respects individual differences between our athletes. 

We have created an environment that breeds hard work. But we have also created one that celebrates physical and mental health, wellness, and fun. When athletes arrive they give their best effort and in return each one deserves ours. 

We do the hard work properly.
Our programs are built out of a comprehensive process that is inclusive, goal driven, and always challenging. 


Warhorse is a place where an ordinary person goes to become extraordinarily strong, lean, and physically and mentally healthy. Chris and Jaclyn are the true teachers of strength training and conditioning. They know their craft so well that once you workout here, you won’t be able to take any other gym seriously. I’m in the best shape of my life because I stumbled upon this gem

-Gagandeep Singh Uppal

S T A R T  T O D A Y 

and make sure you never get stuck in a workout rut again