Why I Train At Warhorse

I left CityFitness Thrive to come to War Horse Ignite 8 months ago. I really wanted to get under a barbell, which seemed to silently be phased out of Thrive. I was hesitant to switch gyms and programs. I felt like I’d gotten reasonably strong, and was friendly with some people at Thrive. Clearly, I had yet to realize my strength, and I hadn’t yet experienced a true gym community. I look forward to my time at War Horse each day I go (which is most), and here’s why:

Knowledge: The knowledge level and commitment to their continued education that Chris and Jaclyn possess, as well as their commitment to growth and improvement in each of their clients, can’t be found elsewhere. Chris and Jaclyn educate their members to lift in a way that focuses on each important detail, beginning with diaphragmatically breathing properly during warm ups. With their guidance, I’ve learned how to safely and efficiently lift, and lift reasonably heavy. I have a history of bad shoulders, but WHBC has been better for me than any PT program. Chris and Jaclyn let me know when I shouldn’t do a particular exercise, and they replace it with something to, instead, improve my shoulder stability. They’re both great at reading clients, and knowing to which style of coaching they’ll respond best. And finally, I will gladly do Ignite 6 days a week, and never get sick of Chris’s programming, which is a great mix of strength and conditioning.

Community: I adore the members at War Horse. It’s a supportive, fun, and funny group, and we consistently get together outside the gym. War Horse isn’t your typical neighborhood gym. You’ll find people from all over the city: Roxborough, East Falls, South Philly, Fairmount, Port Richmond, Fishtown, Northern Liberties. The people that go there want to go there. This isn’t only a testament to the type of people that are attracted to a place like War Horse, but it’s also a testament to what Chris and Jaclyn have built.

Self-Improvement: Chris and Jaclyn support my ambitions (both internal and external to the gym), and have pushed and encouraged me to reach goals that weren’t even on my radar a year ago, including entering a powerlifting competition. They’ve disrupted the safe comfort of my gym routine in the most positive way, eliminating any possibility of mundanity, and motivating me to leave no room for complacency. The confidence I’ve built over the last 8 months in this small space on 2nd Street is incredible. To say that my time inside WHBC has impacted my life outside the gym barely scratches the surface.

If you want to get stronger, have your ass kicked, feel like part of a great community, and the intangibles count just as much as the tangibles for you, then War Horse is the place for you. In fact, I’m excited to meet you.

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