We’ve all seen or have been around a ton of strong people and If there is one attribute that these individuals all have in common, it is that they all have pretty jacked backs. If you happen to train at WHBC there is a one hundred percent chance that you are performing some variation of a row every training session.

In this video, we show off some of our absolute favorite variations. Chin up’s, pull up’s are not including on this list.

1️⃣ DB Bent Over Row
2️⃣ Trap Bar Bent Over Row
3️⃣ Anchored KB Row
4️⃣ Pendlay Row
5️⃣ T-Bar Row
6️⃣ Meadow Row
7️⃣ DB Seal Row
8️⃣ Chest Supported Row
9️⃣ Three Point DB Row
🔟 Reverse Sled Row


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. If you found this video useful feel free to share it or tag a friend who needs a more jacked backside.


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About the Author : Jaclyn Moran

Jaclyn Moran, aka J-Zilla, is the Co-Founder of Warhorse Barbell Club. Since graduating from Syracuse University in 2005, she’s worked for the New York State Assembly as well as a private investment management firm but growing up with entrepreneur parents, she always knew she was destined to follow her own path. Since Jaclyn was a child she has always had a passion for athletics. Whether it was playing volleyball, running track or bowling (yes, bowling is a sport), she’s consistently been active and eager to learn new skills. It wasn’t until meeting Chris that Jaclyn’s world got turned upside down and she fell in love with not only him but lifting weights. She can be seen and heard throughout the gym whether she’s coaching or training. Outside of the gym Jaclyn enjoys spending time with Chris and their two dogs, Cam and Emmett, vacationing in Encinitas, CA, and taking some time for peace and quiet.