Chris Robert 

Chris is the co-founder of Warhorse Barbell Club and a competitive powerlifter competing in the 120kg weight class in the USAPL. From a young age, Chris was introduced to a large variety of sports. Everything from skateboarding to football. Chris holds numerous strength training certifications and attended Temple University to study Kinesiology. Chris not only continuously attends seminars but hosts seminars at Warhorse. What drives Chris is being capable of not only sharing his knowledge, but watching the community around him benefit and grow from it. Chris and the team at Warhorse use a results driven approach backed by tried and true principals. Chris has a passion for developing innovative and challenging training sessions in a community that is safe for all walks of life. Chris’s favorite things outside of the gym consist of the fried chicken sandwich from Federal Donuts, Alien Church from Tired Hands, the New York Jets, Encinitas, CA and spending time with Jaclyn and their two pit bulls. 

10 years of training experience
Precision Nutrition Level One
Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) Level One
FMS Level 1
Certified Physical Preparation Specialist
NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Julie Read 

From the time she was a young gymnast, Julie Read found her home in the gym, truly falling in love with the weight room as a Division I Hammer Thrower at George Mason University. It came as no surprise that she left the corporate world for gym life in 2013 after graduating from Cortiva Institute of Pennsylvania – School of Massage Therapy to pursue a career in massage. Initially her focus was building her massage practice, but that quickly changed when she realized how much she loved coaching. She enjoys helping people find their true strength in the gym and lives for the “a-ha!” moments. While she continues to practice massage, she’s also addicted to attending seminars and new workshops to build her knowledge of movement. Her favorite lift is the Clean & Jerk and has a not-so-secret secret of hating the deadlift (a sentiment that she’s forever trying to change!). When Julie isn’t in the gym, she’s making “muscle art” to help other trainers learn about anatomy, trying as many new restaurants as she can, or enjoying down time at home. Julie lives in South Philadelphia with her husband, Adam, and their dog, Rosie.

Licensed Massage Therapist – Pennsylvania
OPEX Certified Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Functional Movement Systems Level 1 & 2
CPR/AED Certified
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification (in progress)

Jaclyn Moran

Jaclyn Moran, aka J-Zilla, is the Co-Founder of Warhorse Barbell Club.  Since graduating from Syracuse University in 2005, she’s worked for the New York State Assembly as well as a private investment management firm but growing up with entrepreneur parents, she always knew she was destined to follow her own path.  Since Jaclyn was a child she has always had a passion for athletics.  Whether it was playing volleyball, running track or bowling (yes, bowling is a sport), she’s consistently been active and eager to learn new skills. It wasn’t until meeting Chris that Jaclyn’s world got turned upside down and she fell in love with not only him but lifting weights. She can be seen and heard throughout the gym whether she’s coaching or training. Outside of the gym Jaclyn enjoys spending time with Chris and their two dogs, Cam and Emmett, vacationing in Encinitas, CA, and taking some time for peace and quiet.

Certified Pre-&Postnatal Coach CPPC
Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)
NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (Pending)
Precision Nutrition Level One (Pending)
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training





Jon Polidoro

Jon is a certified strength and conditioning coach who has spent years working in the commercial gym setting and is now specializing in corporate fitness. After experiencing his own initial success with weight training, Jon went to school to study Physical Education, seeking to extend his knowledge base to those around him. Jon’s main priority as a coach is to ensure that his clients learn the fundamentals of strength training while simultaneously educating them to the “why” behind each movement, all while nudging them closer and closer to their overall health and fitness goals. Jon believes in expertise programming coupled with a positive, strong-knit community to ensure the most success for those around him. And his compassion for both his clients and co-workers ensures a safe and effective workout every time.

NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist