Exercise Tutorial: The Trap Bar Deadlift

We love to deadlift, in-fact we love deadlifting so much that we believe the exercise should be a cornerstone in every individuals strength training program. But like every exercise, finding the appropriate variation is critical for both long-term success and injury prevention.

One of our favorite deadlift variations is the Trap Bar Deadlift, especially among our non-powerlifting population. In the video above, Jaclyn covers a few of the mistakes we commonly see. Furthermore, below are just a few reasons why the Trap Bar is our go to.

1. A mixed grip is never a realistic option.

2. The learning curve is far less steep, as compared to both conventional and sumo deadlifts.

3. The Trap Bar offers high handles, which benefits individuals who lack the necessary hip ROM to pull a barbell from the floor.

4. The Trap Bar Deadlift transfers better to sports performance. A study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that subjects were able to produce more power during a Trap Bar Deadlift than a Barbell Deadlift when lifting at 65% and 85% of their max. I’ve never met an athlete that did not want to become more powerful.

5. Trap Bar Deadlifts are a safer option for people looking to get strong, improve body composition, or improve at their sport, provided that their sport is not Powerlifting.

6 ) Bradley Cooper uses one in American Sniper.

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